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Much Ado About Mutton

Much ado about muttonA new and comprehensive book has been published telling for the first time the story of mutton. 'Much Ado About Mutton' is written by Bob Kennard, who has been involved with the Mutton Renaissance since its early days. HRH the Prince of Wales has written a foreword to the book.

Included in the lavishly illustrated book is the latest information on:

  • Where to buy mutton today
  • What to look for in a cut of mutton
  • Modern and traditional mutton recipes
  • Appraisal of the best mutton breeds
  • Directory of UK sheep breeds
  • A history of mutton in the UK
  • Mutton farming around the world
  • The life of the drover and shepherd
  • Braxy ham, salt marsh mutton, reestit mutton
  • Mutton's benefits to the environment
  • New findings: mutton as a super-meat?
  • The book contains many quotes about mutton from history and literature, showing just how ubiquitous mutton once was

The book is published by Merlin Unwin Books, is priced at £20, and is available from all good booksellers.

A website about the book can be found at, and signed copies can be ordered from there.

Sheila Dillon presenter of the BBC Radio 4 Food Programme has commented on the book:
"Mutton is one of Britain's glories - crazily neglected. This is the book to bring that neglect to an end. As Bob Kennard  shows so enthusiastically, it's win-win: mutton has a luscious taste, it's rich with the essential fats we need to eat and in eating it we give new life to farms and farmers under threat. Bob  Kennard will make you a believer."

Joanna Blythman, Campaigning Food Journalist has written:
"What a splendid new definitive guide to mutton"

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