What is the Mutton Renaissance
HRH The Prince Of Wales

The Mutton Renaissance campaign was launched in 2004 by the Prince of Wales to support British sheep farmers who were struggling to sell their older animals, and to get this delicious meat back on the nation’s plates.

Renaissance mutton is the meat from a traceable farm assured sheep that is at least two years of age has been finished on a forage based diet and matured for at least two weeks post slaughter.

  • Look for dark red meat.
  • Typically mutton is fatter than lamb.
  • Legs, shoulders, loins and necks are popular cuts.
  • Ask your butcher for help in choosing and cooking mutton.
  • Ask about, the breed, its age, which farm it came from etc.
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Latest newsA new book has been published telling for the first time the story of mutton.
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